• 8 Everyday Items Covered in Germs

    1. Phone 95% of people’s cell phones and office telephones are covered in bacteria that causes skin infections, acne and bloodstream infections. Keep it clean by using a q-tip for earphone ports and plug ins, taking off the case and getting in all the corners and around the edges. 2. Hair... View Post
  • Homemade Bubbles, Foam and Putty

    Keeping your child entertained over the summer break can be tough and expensive, but with a little imagination and some All Clean Natural, it’s easy to make these recipes at home to keep the kids amused!   All Clean Natural Bubble Solution What you need:1/2 cup All Clean Natural Dish Soap1... View Post
  • Food Borne Illness

    For most of us cleaning out the fridge only happens when we start to see blue fuzz on food, a carton of milk that expired 2 weeks ago, or a strange smell lingers when we open the refrigerator door. It is lower on our cleaning priority list as it’s literally always behind closed doors. There are... View Post
  • 10 Common Problems with 1 Natural Solution You Don’t Know About

    1. Allergy Relief – Mint Oil relaxes nasal muscles helping opening your nasal passages to clear our mucus and pollen 2. Natural Bug Repellent – Ants, spiders, mosquitos, cockroaches, lice and ticks all hate the smell of peppermint! 3. Reducing Stomach Aches – Mint has been proven by experts to r... View Post