About Us

Our Mission: to have a great time building a company that makes a difference.

At All Clean Natural our goal is to create compelling, healthy alternatives that are not only as good, but better than department store products containing chemicals. We aim to develop solutions that promote a natural lifestyle, are environmentally friendly, never tested on animals, and are safe for you and your family.

All Natural Ingredients


We ensure that all the ingredients in our products are safe for you and your family. All Clean Natural is made with plant based, biodegradable and natural elements. They are fragranced with essential oils and leave your surfaces shiny and streak free with ingredients like coconut oil and carnauba wax. You will never see words like bleach, ammonia, or chlorine on the side of our bottles.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

We DO NOT test our products on any animal, or defenseless being. We want animals to get to enjoy their lives! That is why we play hide and seek with our dogs, let our cat play with the box our new shoes came in, and toss the nut that fell on the ground while camping to a nearby squirrel. All of our products are safe for you, and your furry little friends.

Non Toxic


“Our labels don’t have skulls/crossbones, safety information, instructions on what to do if you get product on your skin, keep
out of reach of children stickers, or the general “if digested, run for your life to the ER because you might die.” All of our products are non-toxic, biodegradable, plant based and naturally fragranced to keep your family out of harms way.

Made Locally


All of our products are produced in Calgary, Alberta. We believe the quality of our product is very important since it is going into the homes of those most important to us - our customers. When you call our office or email in a request, you are getting a response from a person sitting at a desk with a coffee, not a robot!


The Founder

Dan Boria started the company with a $90 investment and has poured his heart and soul into creating not only a good company – but a great company! This young, born and raised Canadian works his a*$ off to make his dreams a reality! Starting as a one man dream team; today he has generated a tight knit group, full of people with the same energy, passion and spirit that radiates off of him. Staying personable, remaining loyal, and being dedicated to his customers and roots are what makes All Clean Natural the success it is today.

In effort to spread the name “All Clean Natural”, Dan decided to tie a hundred helium filled balloons to his now famous green lawn chair, float above the city of Calgary and land in the Stampede Grandstand Rodeo Grounds. Now known as ‘The Balloon Guy’ – Dan keeps his marketing creative and out of the box. He has everyone he knows on their toes waiting for what he’s going to do next!