Refund Policy

All Clean Natural products are non-refundable. However, If you have an issue with a product, please reach out to us directly from our contact page and a customer care representitive will be happy to assist.

Shipping Information

All Clean Natural orders ship within 1-2 business days. A tracking number will be provided through email once your order is on its way. In the event you receive your shipment damaged, please contact us directly at customercare@allcleannatural.ca.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products approved by Health Canada?

Absolutely! Our sanitizing and disinfecting products have the regulations required by Health Canada and are Health Canada Authorized.

What is the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting?

Cleaning is in reference to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention is the physical removal of foreign material (ex: dust, soil) and organic material (ex: microorganisms). Cleaning physically removes rather than kills microorganisms. Sanitizing is in reference to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention reduces the number of bacterial contaminants to safe levels as judged by public health requirements. Disinfecting is in reference to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, kills germs on surfaces. By killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Where are your products produced?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Where does the alcohol used in your sanitizing products come from?

Our USP Grade Ethyl Alcohol comes from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Are you currently hiring?

Please email your resume to resumes@allcleannatural.ca and we will contact you if you’ve been selected for an interview.

What ingredients are used in your products?

All of our products list the ingredients on their individual product page. We pride ourselves on using clean, natural ingredients.

What if a product arrives damaged, or malfunctions?

Please reach out to our Customer Care department customercare@allcleannatural.ca to determine if you are eligible for a replacement.

Are your bottles and triggers recyclable?

Yes. Please recycle our bottles and spray tops once they are completely empty. For our hand sanitizer, you can also continue to re-use your bottle by purchasing the refill 1L or 4L size.


I’m a distributor or retailer who would like to carry your products, who do I reach out to?

Please contact us directly and a member from our sales team will reach out to you directly.

Who should I contact regarding more information about All Clean Natural products?

Please contact our Customer Care department at customercare@allcleannatural.ca and a representative will get back to you promptly.

Can I use the Disinfecting Wipes on my hands and surfaces?

All Clean Natural disinfecting wipes are for surfaces only and not for personal use. They cannot be used on the body or hands and should always be used as directed. All Clean Natural Disinfecting Wipes require wearing gloves when used or skin irritation may occur.

Can I use the Sanitizing Wipes on my hands and surfaces?

All Clean Natural sanitizing wipes are safe for hands and skin. Please test a small area prior to use.