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All Clean Natural - Balloon Kid

I cannot believe this product!!! It is amazing!!! A nice young man in Hanna showed me how it worked on my car. Since then I have used it on my windows, doors, chairs…I use this S#!^ on everything!! Love it love it love it!
– Germaine

Just wanted to send a shout out! Our toddler is in a pre-potty training stage where she needs to spend 15-30 min/day ‘airing’ her bum. Your fabric stain remover has been a Godsend!
– Chantelle

…I have used the cleaner on the outer body of my car and it worked well leaving a streak free finish and on the inside windows, erasing the nose marks left by my 2 furry kids! Love the product!
– Jan

This stuff is unreal. The shine it gives is better than anything I’ve ever used and when you touch it after, no streaks or marks. Me and (my boyfriend) literally ran our fingers all along the mirror/window after using it and it didn’t leave one print, and our dark hardwood floors are usually impossible to clean (leaving footprints immediately after we clean it and showing EVERYTHING) and now we can’t even see out prints or anything. Mind blown by it! Who knew a cleaning product could make me so happy ???? my OCD is in love. Everyone go buy this!
– Chelsea

I wash my husbands white work shirts and they always have pen and food stains, and the armpits and collar are always discoloured. I used the fabric cleaner before putting them in the wash and the stains came out no problem! I will be replacing my usual stain remover with this product from now on – THANK YOU!
– Tammy

I met Dan at Shell in Evanston/Creekside! Just wanted to say you guys are awesome salesmen and your product is amazingggg!
– Danielle

They young gentleman in Red Deer today was awesome! I’d like to send a thank you for introducing me to the product… I already cleaned my bathroom! ????
– Kristen

I bought all 4 of the cleaners just recently when I was in Kelowna…AND I LOVE THEM!
– Sarah

I love using these products on my truck! They work awesome and the shine stays longer than it would using a regular cleaning product.
– Cody

Dan Boria and Arlene Dickinson
Dan Boria and W. Brett Wilson

I love love love your product!!
– Syrina

I purchased your 4 piece kit from a booth at Save On Foods and I love it and use it often – the fabric cleaner in particular!
– Ashley

These are great because not only are they made from all natural products (safe for cleaning around your 3 furry children) they are Canadian made!
– Janel

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