• Detailing Kit

Detailing Kit

The Premium Detailing Kit includes the following All Clean Natural solutions:

  • 1 – Waterless Multipurpose
    Cleans any hard surface without harsh chemicals, leaves streak free finish on windows and repels finger prints.
  • 1 – Vinyl, Wood & Leather
    Coconut based formula cleans, re-hydrates & moisturizes any porous surface.
  • 1 – Heavy Duty Spot Degreaser
    Works like magic on hard surfaces to quickly remove difficult stains, spots & messes that ordinary household cleaners can’t.
  • 1 – Fabric Stain Remover
    Can remove even the deepest stains from all sorts of fabric without fading or discolouring.
  • PLUS 2 FREE Microfibre Cloths
  • $33.76
  • $54.95