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Dan Boria – the Owner of All Clean Natural – likes to be original. So on July 5, 2015 he tied over a hundred massive helium filled balloons to a plastic green lawn chair and floated above the Calgary Stampede with an All Clean Natural Banner below him. He then jumped out, releasing a parachute covered with the All Clean logo, landed somewhat safely, was quickly labelled “The Balloon Guy”, and of course, taken away by the police.

He definitely got the attention he planned for, and that the new startup company needed. Today, he plans on doing it again but even bigger so ‘Mission to Space on a Lawn Chair’ was born!


Dan BoriaQ&A with Dan Boria, the ‘Balloon Guy,’ on his plan to go stratospheric on a lawn chair

Yahoo! News | Terri Coles | July 14, 2016

Dan Boria’s first balloon-related stunt seemed audacious enough: he floated over the 2015 Calgary Stampede, “Up”-style, in a lawn chair held aloft by more than 100 helium-filled balloons. But he’s got big plans in the works to top that trip by a considerable height — as in, a few dozen kilometres… [Read More]

Dan Boria on balloon chairBalloon guy ready to soar to outer atmosphere

   Calgary Herald | Eva Ferguson | July 13,2016

Balloon guy Dan Boria who gained notoriety during last year’s Stampede is looking to soar much higher by next year. Boria shocked the city last summer when he launched himself several hundred metres above the city’s skyline while sitting in a lawn chair tied to 120 oversized helium balloons…. [Read More]


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Mission to Space

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