FAQs: frequently asked questions

Can I use the multipurpose on screens?

Of course! Although, we recommend spraying a clean micro fibre cloth and wiping it onto the screen or electronics rather than directly on to the surface. Use for TV and computer screens, phones, and tablets.

I love All Clean Natural and want to be a distributer, how do I go about this?

All of our promotional representatives are full time employees that go through a training process as we are not set up as a multi level marketing company. Check our careers page to see if there is an opening near you! If not, ask about hosting an All Clean Natural Party! We always encourage you to share your love for our products with friends and family as we greatly appreciate referral and word of mouth.

Which stores are your products available in?

We are not currently selling in any retail locations at this time. The only way to purchase All Clean Natural is in person with one of our representatives, or via our online store.

Where can I buy products in person?

Our rep’s are all over Western Canada, at multiple locations at any given time. The best way of getting product in your hands is to order online. All of our products are available on our website and will arrive on your doorstep in less than 7 business days.

How long does it take to get my shipment?

Your purchase should arrive on your door step 7 business days or less from the day you place your order with us.

What can I use the cleaners on?

On the side of each of our bottles there is a general list of surfaces each are good for. We always recommend that, if you are not sure if you can or can’t; test it on a small discrete area before using.

How do I use the 3x concentrate multipurpose?

If you have bought our Multipurpose Concentrate, chances are you have a bottle of our waterless product that is empty. Fill the empty All Clean Natural bottle up to the dotted line on the bottle’s label (approx. 125 ml) and the rest with water (approx. 375 ml). Shake and use!

Where do you ship to?

When purchasing online, only Canadian addresses are accepted. If you do not live in Canada, please call 1.888.877.1293 and we will be happy process your order over the phone and ship it to you!

How can I pay online?

pay-with-paypalCheckout securely online by using the PayPal payment gateway. This ensures your credit card information is protected and will never be intercepted or stolen. You do NOT NEED TO CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to checkout, simply select the “Don’t Have a PayPal Account?” tab on the checkout screen and enter your information to complete the process.

Are floaties/separation normal?

Yes. After a period of time sitting unused, you may or may not notice some separation occur, or, little flakes or “floaties” may appear in the product. This can sometimes occur with our mix of natural ingredients. Before using again, just shake the bottle well and you’re good to go!