All Clean Natural Mission to Space

Mission to Space…
On a Lawn Chair!

This time #theballoonguy is taking his balloon chair to new heights – all the way up into the stratosphere! It sounds crazy, we know, but to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, check out the videos below.

Red Bull launched their Stratos Jump in 2012 with Felix Baumgartner setting the world record for the highest-altitude free-fall jump with an altitude of 128,100ft. In 2014 Google’s Alan Eustace topped that record by jumping from a height of 135,908ft. The goal for All Clean Natural is to break the record and reach 140,000ft…while in a lawn chair! Of course this next stunt will be planned out so that no laws are broken (this time????), and no flashing red and blue lights will be required. We will hold a launch event including a GoPro feed live streaming all the way from space displayed on a huge screen, and watch Dan once again be lifted into the sky and beyond by helium balloons – this time in a space suit!

Want to be part of the fun?

All proceeds from these t-shirt sales go directly to funding the event!

The Calgary Stampede Balloon Guy

Dan Boria – the Owner of All Clean Natural – likes to be original. So on July 5, 2015 he tied over a hundred massive helium filled balloons to a plastic green lawn chair and floated above the Calgary Stampede with an All Clean Natural Banner below him. He then jumped out, releasing a parachute covered with the All Clean logo, landed somewhat safely, was quickly labelled “The Balloon Guy”, and of course, taken away by the police.

He definitely got the attention he planned for, and that the new startup company needed. Today, he plans on doing it again but even bigger so ‘Mission to Space on a Lawn Chair’ was born!

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